Command List

[] = optinal

{} = required

Showing you all Cube's commands with the default prefix.


-Show the bots help page!


-Shows the bots ping and message round trip.


-Sends you a link to invite Cube.


-This is the agree system, it gives user who type the command a role called `Member`.


-Changes the prefix for the server the command was sent in.


-Shows the bots info!

c/announce {Announcement Message}

-Makes announcements embeded.

c/update {Update Message}

-Makes updates embeded.

c/avatar [@user#0000]

-Shows your avatar or a tagged users avatar.

c/profile [@user#1111]

-Shows a profile page of yourself or a @mention.


-Shows the servers info that the commands was sent in.

c/say {Message}

-Puts what your message into a embed.

c/calculate {Math equation}

-It's a calculator in discord.

c/weather {Place: Town/City/Village}

-Shows the weather of a place that you enter.

Fun Commands


-Tosses a coin.

c/8ball {Question}

-Just like a regular 8 ball but in Discord.


-Starts a poll, requires Manage Messages.

c/gay [@user#1111]

-Tells you how gay you or a @mention is.

c/punch {@user#1111}

-Punches a @metion.

c/gift {@user#1111}

-Sends a gift to a @mention.

c/dm {@user1111} {Statment}

-This send a message to a @metion through there dm via the bot.


-This is a custom embed commands run the command to find out more.

Moderation Commands

c/kick {@user#1111} [Reason]

-Kicks a @mention, you can also provide a reason.

c/ban {@user#1111} [Reason]

-Bans a @mention and you can also provide a reason.

c/nuke {Ammount between 1-100}

-Nukes how ever many messages you put.